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M.I.N.K. League Commissioner Steinkamp Retires - Ron Rodriguez Named New MINK League Commissioner
ST. JOSEPH, Mo.— The M.I.N.K League will have a new commissioner for the 2019 season as Bob Steinkamp has announced he is retiring.
"He was one of the founders of the league," Ron Rodriguez said. "The league as we know it started in the mid-90s and he was a very big part of the league at that time. He has a lot of connections throughout college baseball."

Steinkamp was inducted into the NBC Hall of Fame in 2013, managed the Beatrice Bruins for 40 years and a scout for the Seattle Mariners.

Even when Steinkamp took over as the league manager and no longer managed the Bruins, he helped teams around the M.I.N.K.

"The league owes a lot to Bob to where it's at right now," Rodriguez said. "Bob did a lot for the league."

With Steinkamp's retirement, the league has voted longtime umpire Ron Rodriguez to be the next commissioner.

"I'm very excited about the league," Rodriguez said. "We have a lot of solid foundations already set and I can't wait to get the season started."

The rest of the M.I.N.K. League officers are Jeff Post (Griffons)- President; Ky Turner (Mustangs)- Vice-President; Edwina Rains (Outlaws)- Secretary/Treasure.